Ticket Information

Tickets are Non-Transferrable and Non-Refundable

  • In the event of a sold out event, Smoky Mnt. Plannerland will generate a waitlist for those interested and facilitate the possibility of a ticket transfer. IF the event sells out.
  • There is to be no EXTERNAL third-party ticket transfers. ALL ticket transfers must be facilitated through Smoky Mnt. Plannerland.
  • Tickets will not be sold for more than face value.
  • You must present a valid ID at event check-in.
  • Do not solicit other members of the event for their tickets - in the event that someone approaches you or tries to sell their ticket without the facilitation of Smoky Mnt. Plannerland, please send us an email. 
  • You must be present with a valid ticket to receive any and all swag and workshop materials.