Important Event Information


  • Swag is gifted to attendee’s of the conference only. Should you not be able to attend, the swag and any materials are forfeited. 
  • Items from the event will not be shipped to you, or give to another attendee to be delivered. They will be forfeited. 
  • You agree you will not record or stream the event sessions with out permission of the event organizers.  
  •  By purchasing a ticket, you grant permission to Smoky Mountain Plannerland/Plannerland Events, as well as its sponsors, hotel and event partners, to use photos or video of you without further authorization or compensation to you or anyone acting on your behalf.  

2019 Workshop Sessions planner workshop


Memory Keeping TN

Pascha @poshplans will be leading a memory keeping session to demonstrate how she creatively records special moments in her TN's.  Pascha has provided a list of suggested items to bring in order to create your own special keepsake. 

Suggested Materials:

  • Die-cuts
  • Ribbon
  • Stickers
  • Stapler
  • Stamps
  • Paperclips
  • Photos/Zink Photo Printer
  • Decorative Paper
  • Decorative Vellum
  • Washi/Washi Samples
  • Glue Stick/Tape Runner


Intro to Hand Lettering

Stephanie @tipsydogdesigns  will be bringing Intro to Hand Lettering, a workshop in learning the basics, some of her favorite pens and proof that practice really does make a HUGE difference. 

If you have a favorite pen(s) bring it, if you have questions, bring those too, otherwise we got you covered with everything else.

 Suggested Materials: 

  • Favorite pen (s)
  • Scrap Note Paper/ Notebook
  • Bring those questions!


Lamination & Foiling Basics

Heather @thesassymal will be demonstrating all the basics of lamination, including tips, tricks & techniques to use on your own DIY projects.  She will also share how to use your laminator for basic foiling as well.  Basic supplies are included, but attendees are welcome to bring a few of their own items to foil or laminate. 


Suggested Materials: 

  • Die-cuts
  • Journaling Cards
  • Pre-toner printed items (for foiling)
  • Glue pen (EK Tools 2 way glue pen) - foiling hack
  • Extra 3mil or 5mil hot lamination pouches


B6 TN Setup

Natasha @the1407planners will be leading a workshop on a basic Traveler's Notebook setup in a B6 sized TN. You will be provided with all the materials to get a head start on creating the perfect TN setup. Along with learning the basics, she will help set up a fun decorated dashboard to go along with it! We're excited to have Natasha from The 1407 Planners along for the event!


Suggested Materials: 

  • Any extra B6 sized TN inserts
  • Decorative Paper
  • Decorative Vellum
  • Tape Runner/Glue Stick
  • Stickers


Tiny TN Make & Take

Leah @thescrappyplanner will be leading this super fun project.  You will be provided with all materials and step by step instructions to make your own Tiny TN Washi holder!  You can add a chain to attach to your planner/bag, or leave them plain to carry with you.  The choice is yours! Bring a few rolls of your favorite Washi to load up your TN, or swap samples with table mates & friends once your project is complete. 

 Suggested Materials: 

  • Washi/Washi Samples


Pocket Folder Make & Take

Katherine @coffeebreakplanner will be leading this super fun workshop.  She will be showing you how to make fun & functional Pocket Folders  for your Traveler's Notebook.  Event if you don't have or use a TN, she will show you how to adapt them for other planners.  All attendees will be making one along with her in this workshop. 

 Suggested Materials: 

  • Tape Runner/Glue Stick
  • Extra Decorative Paper
  • Stickers/ Die-cuts

Friday Night Game Night


Plannerland Game Show

Smoky Mountain Plannerland will feature the very first Plannerland GAME SHOW, hosted by Santa himself.  That’s right - contestants, games, fun, prizes & lots of laughs to be had!  Contestants will be selected at random and invited to participate in various games to win prizes.  

You don’t want to miss this one!